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Blissful Bedtime is delighted to announce that I am now a Certified Partner with The Sleep Nanny.

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Suffering from these common sleeping issues?

Is your child struggling with sleep related issues that are affecting the whole family? Blissful Bedtime is a Sleep Consultant based in Southampton, Hampshire and ready to restore peace & harmony to your home.

Early Rising

Is your day starting too early because your child is waking up between 4-5:30am?

Nights Waking

Does your child wake frequently throughout the night and need your help to go back to sleep?

Ditching the dummy

A dummy can be a great soother, but if you find you are up repeatedly during the night replacing it, then it’s time to go!

Night Weaning

Do you feel you are ready to drop the night feed or is feeding the only way your little one goes to sleep?

Not Settling

Do you have to do the tango to get your baby back to sleep every time they wake up? Are you having bedtime battles?


Is this becoming a problem? Looking to transition into your own beds?

Watch my short video about my child sleep services.

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As a Sleep Nanny ® certified Sleep Consultant, I am passionate about helping all parents to enjoy peaceful and stress free bedtimes. I have helped an endless number of tired parents with my techniques. With my sessions, either in person or remotely, I can help you get your child to sleep and get your child to sleep through the night. 

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Thank you for rescuing our sleep! You worked wonders with our little one. Your guidance and support made a massive change to our lives.
Within just a couple of weeks, our children are going to sleep 2 to 3 hours earlier and waking up so much happier. Emma is so approachable and easy to work with and relates to being a mum.

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To find out more about how to get your children to self settle and sleep soundly through the night, check out my blog for tips.

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I am based in Southampton, Hampshire but but also help parents across the UK and beyond. Get in touch to discuss how Blissful Bedtime can help you and your little ones. 

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