Blissful Bedtime

About Blissful Bedtime

Struggling with sleep

Operating as a fully qualified Sleep Consultant is a dream come true (excuse the pun). It fills me with joy to know I can give the gift of sleep to other families that may be struggling with sleep challenges.

Using gentle and bespoke solutions, tailored specifically to suit you and your child, I’ll help you get a full and restful night’s sleep. Together we’ll make bedtimes calm and relaxed, and soon you will be watching your child sleeping peacefully in their bed. Wouldn’t that be the best feeling?

Common problems

Some of the common sleep challenges Blissful Bedtime will help you overcome:

Rocking / holding to sleep


Nap transitions

Ditching the dummy

Not settling at bedtime

Frequent night waking

Night weaning

Early rising

Unsure what to do next?

Having experienced most of this firsthand, I appreciate how tough this time can be. Together we can restore peace and harmony at bedtime. Based on the South Coast of England but covering the whole of the UK, I offer bespoke 2-4 week sleep plans (extendable if required) with 1:1 support and guidance from beginning to end.

I offer all sleep deprived parents a 15 minute, no obligations, free consultation. So, pop the kettle on, pour a hot cup of tea, and give me a call.

Start your journey to blissful bedtimes...