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Anna B. - Hampshire

10 Months - Night Waking & Feed To Sleep

My daughter was around 10 months when my husband and I decided we needed get some help and advice.  Cora was still waking in the night to breastfeed and relying on me to feed her to sleep.  This followed on from months of waking every couple of hours throughout the night for feeds and I was struggling to continue with the wake ups.

With Cora being my 2nd baby I thought that I would know exactly what to do when it came to sleep but I soon realised that these two children were very different and had completely different needs.  I would be on the school run twice a day, which meant that day sleeps were often interrupted which was heart breaking and frustrating.  Never wake a sleeping baby, isn’t that what everyone says!

We had previously had some advice from another sleep consultant but sadly we didn’t get the support we felt we needed at the time.  I was anxious about going through the process again but immediately I could tell this experience would be a more positive one.

Emma immediately understood how I was feeling emotionally and physically, and so we discussed which options would suit us as a family.  She gave me the knowledge and confidence to know what I was doing was right for Cora.  It really showed and after a couple of days we started to see a difference in her day and night sleep.  Cora was able to settle herself back to sleep during the night and it meant that she was able to sleep better in the day.

Emma was attentive and could really relate to our situation, which meant I felt completely comfortable when trying out the new routine we discussed.

With the advice and experience we gained from Emma we are all getting sleep!!  Cora is sleeping through the night!  I also feel I now know how to cope with any changes that may happen in the future.

I would highly recommend Emma for anyone needing support or advice for their little ones.  We are so thankful for everything she has helped us with. 



Bella S. - Buckinghamshire

Bella S

From the word go, you know that you’re going to have a great experience with Emma. The initial consultations are so thorough because Emma really understands that every baby, mum and family are different, and she tailors her approach to work for your own special beliefs, needs and personalities. 

A lot of what Emma shares isn’t rocket science, and if you’ve read every sleep book going (like I had!) then you would have heard a lot of it before. But the big difference is that Emma makes it relevant to you and your situation and I couldn’t have done any of it without her support and daily check ins. 

We’re still a work in progress, but we’re so much further along the road, thanks to Emma and her super supportive and friendly approach. Blissful bedtimes are within reach! 

Holly A. - Hampshire

Working with Emma has changed our lives for the better – and not just mine and my husband’s lives but my children’s lives too.

My husband and I have been blessed with two gorgeous, clever and funny little boys but we were not blessed with babies that slept through the night. Our first son didnt sleep through until he was about 15 months and it was looking like George was going the same way! He would manage about 2 hours (4 tops!) but that was it and then he would need nursing or shhing off to sleep. It probably didn’t help that I did anything to keep him quiet during the night so that he didn’t wake his older brother. After 11 months of very little and interrupted sleep, I started to feel that I was entering a dark place and knew it was sleep deprivation that was getting me down. I was also due back to work and couldn’t think how I was going to function so I got in touch with the lovely Emma.

Emma instantly knew what needed to be done and after listening to me ‘complain’ , she came up with a plan of action which we implemented straightaway. Talking to Emma was like therapy! 

We decided to go ahead with the fade out method, as we both agreed it would suit George’s personality and current sleep situation. After 3 nights the transformation was amazing and after 2 weeks George was like a different baby and he could sleep through unaided from 6-6! I would never have thought that was possible and I was amazed how easily George learnt to self-settle.

George was usually good with self settling for a daytime naps, but I wasn’t giving him long enough – for fear that he wouldn’t sleep at night. Emma was able to identify that George was actually sleep deficient(!) so also came up with a plan for day time napping, so he wasn’t overtired when it came to his bedtime, which helped him at night time too. 

The change in George after Emma’s help was noticeable too – he just seemed brighter and happier. 

Having Emma at the other end of the phone was such a reassuring feeling. I had complete confidence in her from the start. My husband and I would sit there, in the middle of the night, questioning each other and wondering what to do for the best. But, with Emma’s advice, we didn’t need to question what was the right thing to do, we just stuck with the plan and perseverance paid off. 

Before working with Emma I felt the shell of the woman I was before having George and now I feel much more myself – thank you Emma!!!

Holly & George

Punita & Aryan - Milton Keynes

Getting in contact with Emma was the best thing we did to sort out our 10 month olds sleep! Before talking to Emma, he was only able to fall asleep whilst being breastfed and when he was waking up in the night (almost every 2-3 hours!!) I would have to feed him to get him back down.
In 3 weeks with Emma’s support we’ve been able to get him to fall asleep completely unaided and to sleep a full 11 hour night!! Emma has given has some amazing advice which we can now continue to use as he continues to change.
She is super friendly yet professional, we can’t thank you enough Emma!

Leo & Carolina - Hampshire

Emma was fantastic! She was so supportive I was surprised just how much she was available and contacted me along the way. Our little boy was 5 months and would have 2 maybe 3 x 30 min naps during the day and used to sleep in our bed at night but we would have to be there with him for him to fall asleep holding his hand.
A couple of weeks later and Leo has hour naps in the day, sometimes 2 hours! Sleeps in his own cot at night and settles himself a lot of the time. He’s is a tough cookie to crack but with Emma’s help we are so much better than where we were!
I would definitely recommend Emma to anyone needing help!
Leo pic testimonial

Laura & Oliver - Spain

Emma is a fantastic sleep consultant. We approached her when our son was 11 months old. He needed to be held and rocked to sleep for up to an hour, he was waking 2-3 times per night and reliant on milk feeds to get him back to sleep. He frequently had naps in the pram, motion was the only way to get him to sleep.

Emma was very supportive throughout the process. I can honestly say the sleep training has been a wonderful investment and I could not have chosen a better sleep consultant to guide us through the process. Emma is very knowledgeable, empathetic and friendly. She went above and beyond. Emma was there every step of the way, especially of an evening when I really needed support.

After 3 weeks our son had learnt to put himself to sleep, we eliminated the night feeds and he now has all naps in his cot. We have completely uninterrupted sleep at night. The results are incredible. Emma is a pleasure to work with. She has been so supportive and on hand to answer questions throughout. I highly recommend Emma.

SJ & Bonnie - Hampshire

When I decided to make the call to Emma I was desperate, and even then I didn’t believe that anyone could help us. I honestly thought our situation was beyond fixing. Bonnie had been sleeping in mine and my husband’s bed since she was one year old–she was two when I made the call! She couldn’t fall asleep without one us lying beside her and would wake frequently in the night relying on a bottle of milk to get her back to sleep.

After the first conversation with Emma I knew that I was going to go ahead with her service. She was so understanding of our situation and gave no judgements. Emma gave us the confidence that we could get Bonnie back into her own bed and sleeping soundly through the night.

Emma was so supportive and knowledgeable throughout the time she worked with our family – guiding us step by step with encouragement. Bonnie adapted very quickly to the plan that Emma formulated for us – it truly was an amazing transformation. For the first time in over a year Bonnie has a day time nap – something I used to think would make it harder for her to get to sleep – but in fact it is completely the opposite! Bonnie is now sleeping through the night, in her own bed and no longer relies on a bottle to help her settle or get back to sleep if she does happen to stir in the night. Even a night away from us at Nannies was a success – my mum just followed the routine that Emma had taught us and Bonnie slept allllllll night.

We have our bed and our evenings back, and are no longer dreading the bedtime hours. We couldn’t be happier. Emma you are a GENIUS!!! Thank you for transforming our lives, I wish I made that phone call a year ago!!!

Bonnie & SJ

Benedita & her daughter Keeva - Wiltshire

Our daughter Keeva was such a great little sleeper until she turned 2 and something seemed to change.

We had put her into her toddler bed at 2 and she seemed to be fine with this for the first 3 months then something changed. She seemed to suddenly realise that she could get in and out of the bed unencumbered and so she did. Every night after we put her to bed she would get out and try to leave her room.. We put the stair gate in to stop this but couldn’t figure out how to get her to sleep through and stop waking 2 to 3 times every night shouting and screaming that she wanted to sleep in our bed. This went on for 2 months. 

At this point my husband and I were exhausted, sleep deprived and lost as to how to fix this. Our little one was clearly exhausted too as she would then take to having very long naps when she got to nursery. I googled sleep consultants online and came across Emma. We spoke with her and provided an overview of our situation, immediately I was convinced that she would be the best consultant to work with. She seemed so knowledgeable, she gave us some advice right off the bat that we could use even if we chose not to proceed with her. I was worried that not having her come and meet with our little one would limit her ability to help us but our call with her was detailed and she was able to gain all of the information she needed to build our sleep plan.

It seemed that we were a little too eager taking our daughters cot bars off so they went back on. We were bringing her to bed with us when she would wake after 5am and she would go back to sleep with us but now we had created a situation where she simply wanted to go to bed with us from the outset as she didn’t have an understanding of mummy and daddies 5am rule. Not putting her into bed with us at all was a massive challenge for us but we could see the difference stopping this was making. We followed Emma’s other steps and had regular dialogue with her via the phone or text . Coming to the end of our two week plan with Emma, our daughter was going through the night most nights till 5/6am. Emma then assisted us with introducing a grow clock. This was the turning point. We have now gone from waking 2 to 3 times a night, to waking at 5am/6am every day to having a child who sleeps through to 7:15am using the grow clock.

Thank you so much Emma for your guidance as I really don’t know how much longer we could have kept going with the way things were. You really know your stuff. 

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