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Here are some tips on how to resolve early rising:


Check your little one is getting the amount of day-time sleep they need for their age, both quality and quantity are important.  Are they going to bed at the right time for them? During the summer months we do so much more outside activity, that along with extra daylight hours, means naps can be cut short and bedtime delayed, which all contributes to overtiredness.

Wakeful windows

Are they staying awake past their wakeful windows, either in the morning or the afternoon before bedtime?  If your little one misses their wakeful windows, (the amount of time between waking from one sleep to the next) at any point during the day, this will also contribute to early rising.

Self-Settling or Resettling to sleep

This is a learnt skill, and if your child is crashing out in under 5 minutes, this is not truly self-settling, they are just so exhausted they are conking out.  Therefore, when your child comes into their light sleep in the early hours of the morning, they do not know how to resettle themselves back to sleep.


Are you offering a different response to every night waking? If so, they could be holding out longer for the result they want.  To avoid this, it is imperative you are consistent with your response every single time.

A basic reward or incentive chart can work well for children over the age of 2years old.  This combined with a Gro Clock, and lots of praise and positivity for staying in bed quietly until their ‘sun is out’ on their clock. The key with this is to keep it simple!

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