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Travel & Sleep Tips

Here are some handy tips for the glorious holiday season, and any other time you might travel with your little ones:

The Travel Day

Don’t stress, generally travel whether its for a few hours or 12+ sends us to sleep, so if you child falls asleep when she wouldn’t normally, or vice versa, its OK, just accept everything is likely to be a bit off.  Plus if you are travelling to a different time zone, and it means bedtime might be later than usual, you can obviously use this to your advantage.

Time Zones

If you are going to be in a different time zone when you arrive, I recommend switching to it straight away.  That will help everything to settle into place more quickly. Afterall, meal times, day light etc is all going to work within the new time zone, therefore the sleep should slot in similarly.  And the same when you return home, go straight back to local time.  There may be some jet lag and it could take a few days to return to normal, but generally no more than a week.

Create a familiar sleep environment

What I mean by this; if your child normally sleeps in a very dark room, try to create the same darkness when you are away.  Gro blackout blinds are great for travelling, easily packable and big enough to cover most size windows.

Also you might want to take cuddly toys, they may have in their cot, or a pillow case.  And if your child is sleeping in your room whilst you are away, but normally has their own bedroom.  You can get creative and give them their own space, eg. Move some furniture to create a separation, even a couple of chairs and a towel over them in between you and their cot.

Try to have a similar bedtime routine, even if this means, doing books in the bedroom but then putting them in the pram to sleep whilst you go for dinner! The lead up to bedtime is familiar and therefore gives them their sleep cues.

NB. If you are flying, it is worth checking with your airline, but most let you take a travel cot, as well as a buggy, for free, if you are travelling with a child.


Take some age appropriate toys for the journey.  Maybe an ipad for older kids and small toys for the younger ones.  Even a new toy or one that they haven’t played with for a while, is great for distraction and keeping them calm and occupied during the journey time.

If you would like to discuss further, or are struggling with sleep issues in general, please get in touch today: / 07568 490457

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