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Does your child still need a nap?

I regularly speak to parents who have started having problems with their little ones’ sleep around 18 months old, after previously sleeping soundly.

One of the most commons reasons for this can be lack of daytime sleep.

Naps get dropped too early, because at the toddler stage they sometimes start to resist daytime naps or don’t seem to need it.  And although they might still be sleeping soundly at night initially, this is probably because they are exhausted and just crashing out. 

So what is the problem with this?

  • They are not practicing their settling skills.
  • Any settling skills they have had, may start to deteriorate.
  • You are probably on borrowed time – when their sleep needs and stamina change, they may not necessarily crash out anymore but will still be overtired.

This then can potentially lead to:

  • Bedtime battles – not settling to sleep at bedtime.
  • Unsettled sleep – frequent night waking.
  • Early rising – waking about 5am.

Most children still need a nap until they are 3-4 years old.  So to avoid one or all of these becoming a potential problem for your family, get those day time naps in. 

Remember Sleep breeds Sleep!

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