Blissful Bedtime

How consistency helps your child sleep

Baby sleeping in cot in the UK.

At your wits end? Feel like you’ve read EVERY book, googled intensely; got copious and conflicting amounts of information, and still nothing has worked? Do not despair You might think you’re the one with the only child that just doesn’t sleep, and is never going to learn to sleep well, and you just have to […]

Transitioning from two naps to one

This transition normally occurs between 13-17 months of age, and can be the most challenging transition to navigate as it takes more time to be fully ready for the adjustment.  Signs that your child is ready to drop to one nap: Some children drop it at 12 months others as late as 18months, so be […]

Why does my toddler keep waking up during the night?

Waking up

Does your child still need a nap? I regularly speak to parents who have started having problems with their little ones’ sleep around 18 months old, after previously sleeping soundly. One of the most commons reasons for this can be lack of daytime sleep. Naps get dropped too early, because at the toddler stage they […]

Summer Holidays – How to navigate Travel and Sleep with young children

Travel & Sleep Tips Here are some handy tips for the glorious holiday season, and any other time you might travel with your little ones: The Travel Day Don’t stress, generally travel whether its for a few hours or 12+ sends us to sleep, so if you child falls asleep when she wouldn’t normally, or […]