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How to stop your child from waking multiple times during the night?

Mother and baby sleeping well with sleep help from sleep consultant in Southampton.

Help your child sleep for longer Is your little one waking up shortly after you put them down to bed? Or sleeps for a block of time to start with and then starts to wake quite frequently after midnight? This is what we call frequent night waking, which is when a child wakes and needs […]

Is your child waking up too early?

Here are some tips on how to resolve early rising: Overtiredness Check your little one is getting the amount of day-time sleep they need for their age, both quality and quantity are important.  Are they going to bed at the right time for them? During the summer months we do so much more outside activity, […]

How do Wakeful Windows help my child sleep?

Child awake having problems trying to get to sleep in the UK.

Very often one of the many aspects to consider when solving sleep challenges for your little one are their wakeful windows.   What do I mean by this? Children’s sleep needs are ever changing and evolving, and their wakeful window is no exception. A wakeful window is the maximum amount of awake time during the day from […]

Why does my toddler keep waking up during the night?

Waking up

Does your child still need a nap? I regularly speak to parents who have started having problems with their little ones’ sleep around 18 months old, after previously sleeping soundly. One of the most commons reasons for this can be lack of daytime sleep. Naps get dropped too early, because at the toddler stage they […]