How do I wean night feeds?

Every child is different, and some babies stop their night feeds as early as 3-4months old. Others still need some milk until they are almost 12 months!  Is your baby ready? Ask yourself these questions: Is your baby growing normally and putting on weight? Do you have any weight concerns? Are they feeding well in … Read more

How consistency helps your child sleep

At your wits end? Feel like you’ve read EVERY book, googled intensely; got copious and conflicting amounts of information, and still nothing has worked? Do not despair You might think you’re the one with the only child that just doesn’t sleep, and is never going to learn to sleep well, and you just have to … Read more

Should I ditch the Dummy?

The Benefits of a Dummy Firstly, there is nothing wrong with your baby having a dummy, in fact there are definitely benefits especially when they are under 6months old. It supports their natural reflex to suck and can be a great source of comfort Research has shown that it could reduce the risk of SIDS … Read more