Blissful Bedtime

How do I stop my child’s bedtime taking up to 1 or 2 hours?

Child awake having problems trying to get to sleep in the UK.

You are not alone! This is quite common and can start around toddler age, when those strong little characters really start to develop!  Though this advice also applies to children right up to the age of 7 years old. The first step is to find out if there is a GENUINE NEED or if it is […]

How to stop your child from waking multiple times during the night?

Mother and baby sleeping well with sleep help from sleep consultant in Southampton.

Help your child sleep for longer Is your little one waking up shortly after you put them down to bed? Or sleeps for a block of time to start with and then starts to wake quite frequently after midnight? This is what we call frequent night waking, which is when a child wakes and needs […]

Dropping the Nap

Average age to drop the nap You may find this surprising, but most children still need a nap until they reach 3-3.5 years old, although many children do drop it earlier. The reason is that Toddlers begin to resist naps, and after all – why wouldn’t they? They have so many other exciting things to do.  […]

Should I ditch the Dummy?

The Benefits of a Dummy Firstly, there is nothing wrong with your baby having a dummy, in fact there are definitely benefits especially when they are under 6months old. It supports their natural reflex to suck and can be a great source of comfort Research has shown that it could reduce the risk of SIDS […]

How do I help my child nap for longer?

Child sleeping, head nearest the camera in the UK.

Quite often I hear from parents whose baby is waking up after 30-40minutes nap (not even a full sleep cycle!) and they don’t know how to get them back to sleep. Top tips for child naps I wanted to share my top tips with you all, to help you teach your baby the art of […]

How do I wean night feeds?

Every child is different, and some babies stop their night feeds as early as 3-4months old. Others still need some milk until they are almost 12 months!  Is your baby ready? Ask yourself these questions: If the answer to all of the above is ‘yes!’ then next you need to decide on an approach. There […]

When can I start teaching my baby to sleep independently?

The simple answer to the question; “when can I start sleep training?” is that babies are most receptive to sleep training from 18 weeks old. Once your baby reaches this age, here are a couple of key points to consider: What is the most suitable approach to sleep training for your baby? All babies are […]

How do I help my child deal with the clock change?

It’s that time of year, when everyone gets a little bit confused about which way the clocks are going and if we get an extra hour in bed or not! So how do we help our little ones navigate this?! With British Summer time ending on 27th October, and the clock going back an hour, […]

How consistency helps your child sleep

Baby sleeping in cot in the UK.

At your wits end? Feel like you’ve read EVERY book, googled intensely; got copious and conflicting amounts of information, and still nothing has worked? Do not despair You might think you’re the one with the only child that just doesn’t sleep, and is never going to learn to sleep well, and you just have to […]

Summer Holidays – How to navigate Travel and Sleep with young children

Travel & Sleep Tips Here are some handy tips for the glorious holiday season, and any other time you might travel with your little ones: The Travel Day Don’t stress, generally travel whether its for a few hours or 12+ sends us to sleep, so if you child falls asleep when she wouldn’t normally, or […]